Friday, April 17, 2009

Jupiter In Peru

I was thinking of starting a war with them...they haven't
gotten back to me...a war...even if it's a simulation.


Robert Walking-Owl said...

a dizen obama stencils run amok
on the pavement
half-dead flowers stare me down
protecting their horde of
mutilated candle droppings

i am drinking tea and listening to
cajun music in granolaland
(where there are no cajuns)

i am losing patience

sign on the wall says
"don't cry, be beautiful"
i think: f*** you, i'm just too ugly
& my heart, even uglier

then i remember vague plans to construct
my own musical instruments

wish you were here

The Rock said...

I wish I was there too Rob, need a vacation really bad, maybe some time soon, just invite me, and say hi to Peg for me.