Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Moody Wallen Band On Interzone WUSB.FM Friday 10.16.09 @ Midnite EDT

One need not be cast down under the punitive laws of the state, for the state itself is only an illusion. The reality of good and evil is relative to the function of the transient non negotiable ipso facto. The anachronistic is a causal factor based on liability as well as the economic wellbeing of both the subject and object as experienced within and without the framework of nuclear time and is therefore considered dangerous by the majority of lesser beings. The ethnocentric dispassionate soul will at times use the pretense of the ethical to misconstrue the truth. In this way one can immediately disable the situation so the purposes of self-aggrandizement can be achieved; in so doing producing a redundant lie. Consequently reality is externalized in favor of a negative manifesto, all leading to a complete collapse of the economy for the intrinsic purpose of greed. Then for reasons of prudence it was decided that the observation of the lesser beings would continue until the perpetuators of the system of so-called social justice could have their day in sushi, for due to their absolute perfection there was a certain blind spot in their intellect that was causing them to commit the unforgivable sin of bearing false witness, in other words they were freeloaders BIG TIME.

Then there was a random accident of one of the greater lesser individuals, the type that finds out things like this last. Due to his pride he detained one of the great beings subconsciously within his own mind, for such a man was the only noble being and consequently knew how to forgive the transient acts of all little gods. He said he would be there tomorrow and that was all that needed to be known, and he knew the total cost and could readily see the inner working of the soul. Still this greater lesser god knew only one thing and that was the beginning cause and he therefore decided what he had said was a mistake even though the nominal crime was trivial compared to the greater social injustice that is common practice today. And because a four letter intensification was used the little children decided that HE would not be let into the structure of the town for it was a bastion of knowledge and someone saying FU under the breath was a sin of such high magnitude that the secret treasure had to be hidden once again in the blind spot that was the cause of all the trouble. Little perfectionists, they were truly unaware of the pain they had caused. Because of the blind spot in their vision they were truly unaware. Every word had to be counted, and they were, and the FU was used as a means to dismantle the camera. Still the little children thought it necessary to curse and belittle Mr. M whose 300,000,000 million dollars were being handled. Consequently the goddess of love enforced the put up or shut up policy and the little god asked for her hand in marriage, over the phone of course. She was hiding in her misery for the grief her little god was experiencing: and he felt like death in the abyss of the lonely, not knowing the true feelings of the other; and with full knowledge that it was a holiday weekend. The idea of pup shooting crossed their minds since their town was so desperately in need of a new start and all possibilities had to be considered. Even so, it was deemed inappropriate for it would go contrary to the basis of all life.